Overriding Ethos
The Local Activity looked to provide a viable and sustainable alternative to learning and equipping the future labour force with the right skills, knowledge and competence for competition and winning in commerce. The activity covered 3 key aspects, Self Mastery, Employability ‘Soft’ Skills [Employability in a Digital Reality] and Social Enterprise in a Green Economy.

The idea of Self Mastery considers the individuals’ knowledge of self and using the Martial Arts as a tool for Self Discovery, Self Analysis and Self Mastery, thus exploring aspects of facets of ‘Self’.

Facets of Self

Definitions in less than 13 words
Self – Awareness | Self – Regulation (Control) | Self – Esteem | Self – Efficacy - Self – Motivation | Self – Identity| Self – Development | Self – Checking

The subluminal competencies of Employability where explored from the view point of how they can be evidenced and validated in a Digital Reality. Some aspects that where considered:

Interpersonal Skills Negotiation | Decision Making | Building Rapport | Communication Skills | Effective Speaking, Communication | Active Listening | Giving and Receiving Feedback | Critical Thinking Skills | Critical Thinking | Commercial Awareness |Assertiveness | Problem Solving

Social Enterprise was discussed from the viewpoint of, the Green Economy, paying particular attention to 2 sectors, the Green Consumer and Sustainability and extrapolating as to the type of business that might serve these sectors.

Learning Methods
The following teaching and learning methodologies where followed with respect to delivering the learning outcomes of the project:
1. Non-formal learning (fundamentals of the Martial Arts as a metaphor and tool)
2. Creative presentations
3. Discussions

The impact of this Self Mastery training is thus: Participants had the opportunity to look into the ‘Personality of Self’ and its effect, influence and impact on their character development, success & prosperity consciousness as well as societal and professional positioning. The mindset of the participants was impacted also, as they chewed over the supple and crossed fertilized competencies of Employability and how these can be enhanced and manifested strongly in today’s Digital Reality.

A transcendental benefit of this Local Activity is that the participants have learnt life enriching and transferable skills, attitude, aptitude, principles, ethos, concepts and techniques that will help promote the habit of self reflection which leads to continual self renewal.

The Local Activity proved to be an excellent opportunity put to practice our indicators for measuring soft outcome



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