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‘Martial Arts – More than just Kicks and Punches’




Sport Intercultural Dialogue


The rational of Sport Intercultural Dialogue (Sport ID) is thus: To use the principles, philosophy, ethos and fundamentals of Sporting activities and/or tactics as a metaphor and teaching tool to address Health & Wellness, Unmediated Psychological Recovery [addressing emotional issues such as Stress, Frustration Release, Isolation,  Social Exclusion], & Conflict Resolution [imparting the Principles of: Respect,  Trust, Understanding, Equality, Acceptance, Fairness], to tackle: Exclusion, Racism, Discrimination, Violence [because of origin, culture, tradition, rituals].


Indicative Content:


1.Introductive meeting: sport and intercultural dialogue in Europe

2.Emotional Intelligence & Diversity Cohesion  

3.Rules and Conflict Resolutions

4.The Role of the Facilitator

5.Community involvement (Sporting activity within the local community, creating complementary activities within the local community, or organised social activities for the local community)


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