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'Martial Arts - More than just Kicks and Punches'

Leadership Self Mastery through Kick Boxing

The Ethos


The ethos of Kick Boxing 4 Teachers is to use Kick Boxing as a tool to address Unmediated Psychological Recovery, Personal & Professional development, and transferral of Situational Leadership Skills. Kick Boxing 4 Teachers looks to facilitate a safe (Peaceful) arena where teachers get Time & Space to Rest, helping to mitigating issues such as Stress, Frustration, Isolation, and Social Exclusion that may arise from their line of work.


The Aims & Objectives


The aims of this workshops is to bring into play the rudimentary [fundamentals, concepts, principles and mental orientation] of Martial Arts, in this case Kick Boxing to Train, Inspire, Motivate and Empower (TIME) Teachers.  Using the methodological approach of Learning by Movement (Kick Boxing principles, philosophy, fundamentals and drills) as a metaphor and tool for teaching and transferring the School of thought in the areas of:

a. Rapid Cognition & Emotional Intelligence

b. Dealing with Multiple Objectives

c. Conflict Resolution (Don’t get cornered)




1. Enhance your Assertiveness Traits

2. See the signs of an intending confrontational situation and respond wisely; and should it come upon you, to be able to stay calm and respond rightly

3. Respond correctly to situations instead of reacting from a position of defence

4. Go with-in to find peace and solitude irrespective of external conditions

5. Create Time & Space in the moment to think objectively and assess multiple outcomes




Our “Don’t get Cornered” workshop was held in Hertfordshire, where Teachers from 4 different schools participated. During the session we explored what the expression “Don’t get Cornered” means and how it applies to their environment.





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‘Come with me to strengthen and polish your spirit through the ecstasy of sweat and hard work.’

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