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‘Martial Arts – More than just Kicks and Punches’

Erasmus + Youth Exchange (YE) Non Formal Learning Expereince

Overriding Ethos

The concept of self mastery considers the individuals’ knowledge of self from 3 standpoints:

1. Their identity, where it is anchored

2. Their history, both inherited and own life experiences

3. Their future, the vision that they are either working towards or following


The key overriding objectives for the Youth Exchangea (YE) that we engage in, is to use the Martial Arts as a tool for Self Discovery, Self Analysis and Self Mastery, whilst getting to know people from different countries, as well as experience different culturals.  


Methodological Approach

The approach for these type of  projects is to facilitate an inclusive learning environment through Non Formal & Informal Learning activities (Learning by Movement). Thus the methodological approach uses the principles, philosophy and fundamentals of martial arts and outward bound activities, drama as well as digital technology. Activities on the projects may include martial arts khions, plenary, presentations, discussions, micro grass root sport activities and games, social action, outward bound activities (hiking, low and high ropes, orienteering, outdoor survival skills), group work, team based tasked, reflections, feedback, group discussions and interactive presentations, participant led learning, martial arts (mindfulness, whole brain thinking, concentration).


The project uses the framework of the Youthpass Certificate to measure the achievement of competences.




For young people uncertain as to their future career or academic paths, the time that they spent in such an environment provids that all important chance to reflect, as well as providing positive content for their cv.


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