• The Perfecting of the Learner

    Francis Nwofor the Strategic and Educational Director has said that, “teaching that is, (to educate) and leading as in (leadership) are two ends of the same rod (The Perfecting of the Learner).You can’t teach your Learners if you can’t lead them (influence them; for leadership is influence nothing more and nothing less); and you can’t lead your Learners if you haven’t taught them well”.

    Teaching is Influential & Transformational leadership at work within the learning arena, hence the dynamics of teaching must at times be Transactional, most times Transformational, and at all times Transcendental in order to impart and pull out the best from the Learner.

    The role of a Teacher, (has always been and more than ever in today’s educational field), is a constant cyclic flow moving from Instructor of subject content, to a Facilitator of learning, to Life Coach, and to ”The Example ‘ as a Mentor.

    This put a great deal of burden and expectation on today’s Teachers, yet teaching is a calling, and those called to teach have been gifted with the inspiration, ability and grace to impart and edify, all that’s required of us (Educators) in today’s educational trouble spot is that we Magnify Our Office.


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