“But he turned, and rebuked them, and said, Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of,” – Luke 9:55

    Should leaders lead with emotion? Is there scope in a world that is fast losing its collective consciousness for emotional leadership?


    The lay mans’ view point of, EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE is something that comes into play when somebody winds’ you up the wrong way. How do you act, react or respond?

    Emotional intelligence is all about getting centred within ourselves so that we can act with choice response as opposed to stimuli (natural) reactions. With current events in the arena of world politics, Afghanistan, Russia & Syria comes to mind, this is something that we need to pass on.

    As a leader, if we don’t understand EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, there is the tendency that we might treat our fellow beings in a harsh and abrasive manner when we’ve been hacked off or worse, make life changing decisions and judgement that’s motivated by sin and the wickedness of human depravity. For most of us being treated in a harsh or abrasive manner does not Inspire, Motivate or Empower us to go forward and take care of our customers, co-workers, spouse and children with respect, kindness and love.

    Fans of Bruce Lee will recall a scene in Enter the Dragon, where Bruce Lee is instructing a student, and tells him “emotional content on anger”; we, in the Martial Arts have been responding with emotional intelligence for a long time.

    Leadership is all about getting people to do what you want them to do and have fun whilst doing it; being a leader is about having leadership ability where emotional intelligence is a key quality. The dynamics of the world of commerce and life in general is one in which we are faced with situations where our emotions may get the better of us. At theses times, ladies when we are in our valley and men we have entered our cave.

    TAKE TIMEOUT (60 SECONDS) and get centred within yourself so that in the heat of the moment you can act with integrity and respond to our customers, co-workers, the pull and push of geo gravitational politics, students, spouse, and children, with the love that we are; doing this will help leverage our Organisational Effectiveness, our Corporate Social Responsibility as well as aid the positive energy that surrounds us as we go about our daily business.

    Self Check Questions

    1. What’s the true depth and expanse of the result and/or outcome (+/-) if this path is perused?

    2. What would be a humane stance?

    3. What are my desires regarding this?

    a. How do I feel about it?

    b. What do I think about it?

    4. How can I be in the moment yet not part of the moment? (Stepping out of your head/position/power base)

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