• The Perfecting of the Learner

    Francis Nwofor the Strategic and Educational Director has said that, “teaching that is, (to educate) and leading as in (leadership) are two ends of the same rod (The Perfecting of the Learner).You can’t teach your Learners if you can’t lead them (influence them; for leadership is influence nothing more and nothing less); and you can’t lead your Learners if you haven’t taught them well”.

    Teaching is Influential & Transformational leadership at work within the learning arena, hence the dynamics of teaching must at times be Transactional, most times Transformational, and at all times Transcendental in order to impart and pull out the best from the Learner.

    The role of a Teacher, (has always been and more than ever in today’s educational field), is a constant cyclic flow moving from Instructor of subject content, to a Facilitator of learning, to Life Coach, and to ”The Example ‘ as a Mentor.

    This put a great deal of burden and expectation on today’s Teachers, yet teaching is a calling, and those called to teach have been gifted with the inspiration, ability and grace to impart and edify, all that’s required of us (Educators) in today’s educational trouble spot is that we Magnify Our Office.

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  • The Christian Martial Artist

    As a Christian, many of my Brethren are shocked when I tell them that I am a Martial Artist, as if to say that the Martial Arts is the devils worship; yet the Bible has vast evidence that gives light to the practice of Fighting Art.

    For example, a careful and intelligent study 1 Chronicles 12:2 “All of them were expert archers, and they could shoot arrows or sling stones with their left hand as well as their right.”

    1 Chronicles 12:8 “They were expert with both shield and spear, as fierce as lions and as swift as deer on the mountains”, gives us a good picture of this.

    To attain this level of dexterity says that you’ve spent time horning and mastering a technique and/or weapons, you so know your weapons and/or technique, that the hand you use to execute it is of little relevance.

    To have a presence that’s fierce, says that your eyes convey the truth that you understand the way of fighting and have put it to the test in life or death combat, (the twofold gaze comes to mind, actually, it threefold).

    In essence, 1 Chronicles, chapter 12 expounds on the fact, that the warriors that joined themselves to David were men that studied and perfected their art of combat. They were Martial Artist.

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  • Stillness in Motion

    Stillness and Motion, two words that are at extreme ends to each other, yet when used in conjunction, as in ‘Stillness in Motion’ brings to life the contradictory and dichotomous nature of our world, nonetheless, required to achieve balance, as in Yin & Yang.

    When I first came up with the title ‘Stillness in Motion’, my thinking at the time was centred on the notion of the immovability of mountains, the school of thought is/was that if we observed the smallest particles of a mountain, you’d notice that these miniature entities where in constant motion and because there where so many of them moving in different direction, very fast, it created the impression of non movement.

    The more I thought about this reality, the more I could see the parallel between motionless motion and achieving maximum performance in life’s duties. For example, in Martial Arts to achieve real ‘gen gen’ power, you need a certain amount of hard power coupled with an equal amount of soft power, when these two combine, the power that is manifested is wow!

    Another example is when you set out to accomplish an important goal/objective/dream, you have to focus all your talent and ability towards its accomplishment, yet for some unknown reason, you have to release some of your passion for it, so that you don’t get obsessed with it; and it is at that point that you begin to notice opportunities that will help you achieve your goal.

    Yet another example, in relationships, we know that if you are over zealous in the pursuit of a potential mate, you scare them away from you. You need to mingle interestedness with non-interest, and that will win you over to the person; why is it this way? I don’t know; it just Is.

    This school of thought can be extended to any and every where, even to performing your job, role or your duties; you have to connect the desire to do your best, with emptiness of desire, because once that happen you move form the desire to impress to the desire to express – (true expression of self in the role or obligation that has come upon you). At the end of it all, the only thing that we can do is to express our own truth; when we start to express our own truth and also allow other to express their own truth; we begin to see that there is no such thing as right or wrong, only different interpretations of the same incident.

    This time we are extending the concept of stillness in motion to our mindset, our scripting. Our sense of self is maintained even if our current experience calls for us to modify and adopt our behaviour.

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  • The Warrior’s View

    There are 3 things that a Warrior Leader understands above all else:

    1. The Way of the Sword

    2. The Way of Strategy

    3. The Heart of man

    In the area of growing, inspiring, motivating and leading people, understanding the inner workings of the heart of a person is vital. The Warrior Leader knows that once you’ve understood the heart of man, you can get them to move mountains.

    This philosophy can be carried over into any walk of life, from corporate leadership to student tutoring. The nature of we, human beings is that we all have desires, aspirations and fears; the student wants to attain a quality degree classification, aspires to go into a good job, with an attractive salary and good career progression; the able employee wants to provide for his or her family, aspires to take up leadership positions within the organisation, the person that has chosen to pursue their dreams wants to succeed, aspires to self-actualise.

    So how does all this pan out?

    Taking a simplistic and primitive standpoint, we can presume that everything we do or don’t do is aligned to one of our 3 concerns, and as leaders, coaches, mentors, teachers, guardians we need to understand what makes the people in our care tick; if we don’t, how will we know what words will inspire them, how will we know what rewards to give that will incite them to act or what promises to make that will guarantee sustained effort, and in some instances what kind security and protection to provide.

    Sometimes we can be so caught up in what we are doing or as the case may be in our own self importance that we begin to think, that the people around us or who work for us (work with us) or that we coach, mentor or tutor, do the things that we’ve ask them to do because they like, respect or fear us.

    Conversely the truth is that they do theses things because it is connected to what they want to get out from their time with you, and once its done they’ll be off. The only way to gain sustainability in human relationship, (loyalty), is to understand the heart, and to do that you must love your people, and it is this love that the Warrior Leaders develops with their soldiers

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    “But he turned, and rebuked them, and said, Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of,” – Luke 9:55

    Should leaders lead with emotion? Is there scope in a world that is fast losing its collective consciousness for emotional leadership?


    The lay mans’ view point of, EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE is something that comes into play when somebody winds’ you up the wrong way. How do you act, react or respond?

    Emotional intelligence is all about getting centred within ourselves so that we can act with choice response as opposed to stimuli (natural) reactions. With current events in the arena of world politics, Afghanistan, Russia & Syria comes to mind, this is something that we need to pass on.

    As a leader, if we don’t understand EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE, there is the tendency that we might treat our fellow beings in a harsh and abrasive manner when we’ve been hacked off or worse, make life changing decisions and judgement that’s motivated by sin and the wickedness of human depravity. For most of us being treated in a harsh or abrasive manner does not Inspire, Motivate or Empower us to go forward and take care of our customers, co-workers, spouse and children with respect, kindness and love.

    Fans of Bruce Lee will recall a scene in Enter the Dragon, where Bruce Lee is instructing a student, and tells him “emotional content on anger”; we, in the Martial Arts have been responding with emotional intelligence for a long time.

    Leadership is all about getting people to do what you want them to do and have fun whilst doing it; being a leader is about having leadership ability where emotional intelligence is a key quality. The dynamics of the world of commerce and life in general is one in which we are faced with situations where our emotions may get the better of us. At theses times, ladies when we are in our valley and men we have entered our cave.

    TAKE TIMEOUT (60 SECONDS) and get centred within yourself so that in the heat of the moment you can act with integrity and respond to our customers, co-workers, the pull and push of geo gravitational politics, students, spouse, and children, with the love that we are; doing this will help leverage our Organisational Effectiveness, our Corporate Social Responsibility as well as aid the positive energy that surrounds us as we go about our daily business.

    Self Check Questions

    1. What’s the true depth and expanse of the result and/or outcome (+/-) if this path is perused?

    2. What would be a humane stance?

    3. What are my desires regarding this?

    a. How do I feel about it?

    b. What do I think about it?

    4. How can I be in the moment yet not part of the moment? (Stepping out of your head/position/power base)

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